With Richard Knew from Knew Productions, a national award winning video production company based near Chester.


I am a real fan of video as a marketing communications tool.  I was talking to Richard about it the other day.


I have mentioned how useful video is in clearly demonstrating technical products.  It’s much more than that though, it provides a great opportunity to bring your business and your product or service to life.


With advances in technology, increased internet speeds and better picture quality, video has become accessible to so many.  We probably all know that video is valuable in search engine optimization.  Video can be powerful in many aspects of marketing including trade shows, product launches and training.


There is probably nothing more powerful than a video testimonial.  Many of us dislike seeing ourselves on film.  If a customer is willing, the business is likely to be credible.


Video allows customers and prospects to experience the business first hand.  Staff can speak from the heart and give the business personality.  That personality can be a great differentiator.  It makes the business real and somehow more reliable.  Authenticity can be demonstrated and business values revealed.  Trust can be fostered.  Business relationships can be reinforced.  The journey to becoming a customer can begin with more certainty.


Video can be used by sales teams to ensure a consistent message is given. When it’s not easy for the customer to come to the business, the business can come to the customer. The prospect can access a business 24/7, in a global market.


The team building value of video should not be underestimated; the fun that is had when the camera, lights and the fluffy microphone come out is huge.  When the final video is shown there is often a tangible sense of pride and belonging.


I like Fotofire’s VideoF– no one speaks yet in itself it speaks volumes.  This business has personality and makes me smile – not always possible I know but always memorable.

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