I decided to buy skincare kits as Christmas presents this year (bear with me this does have a marketing theme).


I was swayed by the fact that my local spa was offering a free mini facial with each kit (the kits weren’t cheap).


I bought two kits and booked my two mini facials a month apart.


The first appointment went fine.  I had a lovely mini facial and was made to feel very welcome.  I even booked another facial in between the two mini facials. The spa’s promotional offer obviously worked on me.


The second mini facial appointment didn’t go quite so well.


On my arrival I was confronted by a stern receptionist who demanded to see my confirmation voucher. These, apparently, were issued with every kit (except mine of course) at the time of purchase.  I explained, pleasantly, that I hadn’t been issued with such a voucher.  The receptionist obviously didn’t believe I had bought two kits.  It seemed, in her eyes, I was trying to diddle the spa out of a mini facial.  I felt very uncomfortable.


I had a pleasant mini facial but I will never book another treatment at that spa.


Tell me – which has the greater value – the mini facial or my ongoing custom?

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