Having video on your website is a well known way of improving organic rankings on internet searches.  In itself that’s a good reason to have video clips on your website.

There’s another more fundamental reason, though, particularly for technical companies.


Videos have a unique ability to clearly show a product’s or service’s true worth.  A video clip may even provide that WOW factor.


Recently I was at a trade exhibition at The Heath in Runcorn, focused on the scientific and technological industries.   REMBE GmbH were one of the exhibitors and they specialise in (among other things) explosion prevention equipment.  On their company stand they had a video running about explosion venting equipment.


The product mascot is a cute, fluffy polar bear toy.  Polar bears can’t take the heat you see.  What REMBE showed on the video was clever and funny.

Firstly they showed what would happen if an amount of dust exploded.  There was a big bang and big ball of fire.


Then they placed a cute, fluffy polar bear toy on top of their explosion prevention equipment.  The M.D. stood close just to show ultimate confidence in the product.


The dust exploded.  The polar bear hiccupped on top of a little puff of smoke.  The underside of the polar bear was shown to the camera – lovely, soft, white fur with no scorch marks to be seen.


I’ve had to describe the video to you.  I’d love to be able to show the video and I’ll share the link as soon as REMBE put it on their website.


Use your visual material to good effect.  Put videos on your website and on YouTube.  Help yourself communicate more successfully with your customers.

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